Adeo Media

Approaching new Horizons

Adeo Media is a provider of information solutions that empower science, technology, art and cinematography professionals, inspiring them to create and to collaborate on new state-of-the-art projects that advance the boundaries of sustainable knowledge and human progress.

Adeo Media provides web-based journals — among them - International Scientific Journal, and printed media.

Adeo Media works in the field of advertising and design, creates important campaigns and corporate design solutions. We offer services which include corporate design, web development, logo design, photography and video advertising.

Our expertise is used to organize important scientific and creative events. We specialize in the organization of events targeting sustainable development, in particular, issues regarding renewable energy.

Today sustainable business success meets unprecedented challenges. Our expert consultants collaborate with organizations to create custom solutions that improve human, environmental and financial performance.

Our targeted sustainable business solutions are focused on achieving results in the field of scientific progress, artistic vision and in creating a humanistic society.